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The Rihannsu language is a binding element among the people of the Two Worlds and held as a great possession. Uniform throughout the entire Empire - with an exception of the eastern continent of ch'Havran, where some, albeit small accent changes exist - it defines the culture and allows it to thrive along the selected path.

The sounds of the Rihannsu language are soft, and roll of the tongue with no induced effort. Devoid of anything gutteral and chopped, they contain long broad vowels, liquid consonant combinations and much aspiration. Anything that would produce a harsh syllable is softened and prolongated. All the suffixes and prefixes have a specific meaning in Rihannsu, and are always used with a distinct purpose.

For a small lexicon of the Rihannsu language, refer to @rihlex while there is also a list of frequently used words for RP purposes.

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