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You have entered one of the most honourable professions in the Empire. With your service and loyalty, the Galae and the Empire will live long and triumph over their enemies!

Within this handbook you will find many articles that will assist you in your career, whether you are a helmsman or communications officer. Remember always the guidelines in the pages that follow; remember always your duty to the Empire; remember always your mnhei'sahe. May the Elements bless you with a long, glorious life. Life to the Fvillha, life to the Galae!


CourtesyMilitary Courtesy - forms of address and salutes.
NavigationsBSOP - Navigations
TacticalBSOP - Tactical
CommunicationsBSOP - Communications
Damage ControlBSOP - Damage Control
EngineeringBSOP - Engineering
CommandGuidelines for commanding officers
DisruptorsYour disruptor: What, Why and How?

(BSOP: Basic Standard Operating Procedures)

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