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Spanning a large portion of the Beta Quadrant of the galaxy, and fiercely claiming a vast area of space as its own, the Rihannsu race is a story of violent past, glorious deeds on the path to self-preservation, duty and dedication rooted in honour, and a breathtaking culture that thrives on all that's Rihannsu and sacred to the passionate heart. Cautious at best, and utterly mistrusting and xenophobic at most times, those calling themselves Rihannsu and known to the Federation as Romulans are an isolationist culture bred on Vulcan past, and self-exiled to preserve what's most dear to their soul - passion, curiosity, art, honour, emotion and inner fire - from the ideology of logic that embraced that planet. Led by the heroic S'task on a famed Journey through the interstellar night, they have settled a new part of space... one carefully selected but costly to attain. In the millennia that followed, they built an Empire that surpassed wildest dreams, and that now challenges other races and stretches far into the stars.

Today, the Rihannsu Star Empire claims a vast area of space surrounding its two jewel homeworlds, the planets ch'Rihan and ch'Havran. Aggressive and expansionistic in nature, it maintains a large navy that combines the Rihannsu technical sophistication with superb training, skill and deadly practicality, and is often quite active along the borders of the Empire's domain. The diplomatic and trade sectors play a vital role in the culture's well being, the entire structure held in place by the dreaded Tal Shiar - the secret intelligence and police agency of the Empire. Offset with neutral zones along two of its borders, the Empire pursues its private goals with skill, and is expansive and feared throughout space, its strategy often offset with strange periods of isolation that can last years, and sometimes even decades. Xenophobic and cautious towards outsiders, the Rihannsu Star Empire is deeply territorial in nature, protecting their space with passion, and allowing no uninvited ships entry into its domain. Those ignoring this warning are usually never seen again.

Long time enemy to the Klingon Empire, and an uneasy neighbour and feared adversary of the United Federation of Planets, the Rihannsu Star Empire is based on loyalty, strong duty and a unique sense of honour called mnhei'sahe, prizing military service above all, and favouring the noble houses to lead its social structure, and influence the political one. Internally, the Rihannsu people feel unified via their unique and vibrant culture, revelling in passion, emotion, art, and applying equal fervour to love as they do to life or war. Proud of their language and heritage, the Rihannsu revere the Elements, and pay a close tribute to their history, judging future by its standards. Mysterious and enigmatic to all outsiders, but vibrant and passionate internally, the Rihannsu Star Empire spreads its domain and guards its unique culture well, prefering deadly strategy over blatant struggle, its true motives and presence often hidden, like their cloaked vessels. And while the value of Rihannsu mindset remains mysterious to all but the Rihannsu themselves, perhaps this famous proverb from the Empire defines it best:

"Certain it is and sure: love burns, ale burns, fire burns,
politics burns. But cold were life without them."

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