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You have accessed the Rihannsu Information Net. The data contained here is on display for the citizens of the Empire, and for the privileged guests. If you are visiting as a second, access the '@help Empire' node for more general information about the Two Worlds. If you are an Imperial citizen, you will find all the links useful as your information resource base on this public net.

Life to the Empire!

* EmpireOverview of the Rihannsu Star Empire
* LanguageRihannsu Language Lexicon
* HousesHfihar Structure of the Empire
* RanksRank Structure of the Legions
* Phi'lasasamAcademy Information Net
* GalaeGalae Officer's Handbook
* EventsRecent History of the Two Worlds
* CommandsFaction Commands of Note
* GuidelinesGeneral Faction RP Guidelines