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       *             |    THE KLINGON EMPIRE    |
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      ***             Klingon Imperial Database:
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> Klingon History
> Klingon Culture
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> Klingon Military
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> Klingon Language
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nuqneH, fortunate souls who have been born into the Empire, brave and honorable warriors who inherit a grand legacy and historic past. Before you spans the collective information of our great civilization, data that covers times of peace and war, rituals and agencies. At your finger-tips you may glean all the knowledge that a Klingon should know: the duty of a true citizen to a glorious people. Steeped in tradition, fed by the burning fires of pride and dominance, we challenge the universe about us with a haughty-air of rightful superiority, willing to die in battle for our Houses and our race.


tlhIngan maH!