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The Cardassian Union extends for about 210 millions of cubic light years in the Alpha Quadrant region of space, between the United Federation of Planets, the Breen Space and the Ferengi Alliance. It is an area of space unified under one government seated on Cardassia Prime, the capital world of the Union. Its inhabitants - Cardassians - are a militaristic race strongly devoted to the state. But while the Cardassian race has existed for thousands of years, the Union itself is new and has been established in the recent centuries.

The history of Cardassia is a tale of hardships and deeds of preservation done in the name of greater good. The planet was once inhabited by a Hebitian civilization, which ruins are considered one of the most spectacular archeological sites in the entire galaxy. The Hebitians were peaceful people, producers of great architecture and amazing works of art, of which the most priceless are the objects made of jevonite - one of the few precious gems native to the planet. The history of the Hebitians is not widely known, but their race has been extinct for millennia. Their burial vaults were discovered in the late 2160s. Hebitian descendants - Cardassians - followed the footsteps of their ancestors as a peaceful and deeply spiritual race, with a presence of strong religion.

Yet being poor in natural resources, the planet of Cardassia Prime was unable to support a growing population. Eventually, poverty ran rampant and a widespread disease and famine began claiming millions of lives. To alleviate the situation, the military took over the state and with its raise new territories outside the planet and new technology was acquired by violence, at the cost of millions of lives sacrificed to the war effort. In result, the Cardassians have turned their fate around, beat disease and eliminated famine from their world. Still poor in resources, they continued conquest and exploitation of alien planets. One of such planets is Bajor, which was claimed as Cardassian territory from about 2328. The Cardassians formally annexed Bajor and occupied the planet till 2369, till a controversial withdrawal.

The Cardassian/Federation border has taken place after a war that has begun in 2355 and ended in 2367. The result was a fragile peace treaty and later a formation of the Demilitarized Zone which creates a blanket area of space owned by both governments in which military excursions are not allowed, while travel is permitted.

Today, Cardassian Union is a highly militaristic society, where service to the Union is held in high regard. Politics, power and perfection are the main stimulants of the society that is unique among races of the universe. The Cardassians are respected and often feared... an uneasy neighbor to the United Federation of Planets and an aggressive, albeit reasonable government.

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