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Cardassian Union has one of the harshest judicial systems in all the known universe. The courts are in constant order and people demand trials. Symbolic as well as utilitarian, the courts and their iron-fist policies assure the Cardassians that justice prevails and order reigns, triumphing over evil. On Cardassia ALL crimes are solved and ALL criminals punished. The verdict is always known before the trial beings and it is always the same. Trials demonstrate the futility of behavior contrary to good order.

Presiding over a trial is Chief Archon, who oversees court proceedings, listens to the delivered evidence and directs the trial. The suspect is given a Conservator, who is his defense counsel. His or her role is to help criminals concede to the wisdom of the state and to prepare them to accept the inevitable guilty verdict. Criminals also have a right to select a Nestor - legal counsel.

Law on Cardassia is enforced by the government and often carried out by the Obsidian Order. By definition, high-ranking government officials are subject to the same laws, but given the fact that they dictate the law, any mistakes done by them are automatically considered necessary changes. In such cases, the law is evidently at fault, and must be corrected.

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